Jordan McQueen

As far as I can tell, every observable event is worth some amount of fascination. Our world is way too interesting to ever be bored by it. Take an effort to bring those around you up: elevate their understanding, their spirits, and their resolve.


I work as a Software Engineer at Google X on Project Wing, an autonomous drone delivery service. Before that, I worked at Amazon Web Services on CloudTrail.

I care deeply about getting things right at scale. My passions are performance and efficiency, from distributed system design to concurrent design to measuring and minimizing stalled cycles at the microcode level. I put a lot of emphasis on building the right thing, future-proofing, scaling, and automation.


  • Photography: street, landscape, astro, nature, travel
  • Travel: challenging, adventurous, enlightening
  • Piano, guitar: less than I should
  • Board games: yes, please!
  • Side projects: free software, hacking, entrepreneurial stuff
  • Dancing: fusion, pas de deux, swing, blues, lindy, contra
  • Gear aficionado: I care deeply about owning quality things
  • Hiking, backpacking: When I get the chance

What’s next for me?

  • I’ll be in Mountain View, CA for the foreseeable future
  • I’m looking for my dream home
  • I plan to travel to Japan again soon
  • I want to take some symbolic systems classes